5 Strategies to Increase Productivity Through IT Modernization

The federal government is making strides to modernize Federal IT. The IT modernization strategy will enhance mission effectiveness and reduce cyber risks. Through a series of complementary initiatives, a sustainable change in federal technology will drive deployment, security, and service delivery. 

A sound IT modernization strategy leads to more agility, improved resilience and security. Equally important, IT modernization sets in motion better citizen services and improved agency reputations. This IT modernization initiative is underpinned by the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) which supports the transformation of agency IT to improve the quality of services to the public.

The federal IT modernization strategy empowers agencies to develop an IT workforce with the necessary skills and expertise to support this much-needed move into the digital age. Essentially, IT modernization will change the way agencies interact with the public and with each other.

In most cases, IT modernization can increase productivity and improve workflow. When bottlenecks occur in the process because of the lack of technology, valuable time is wasted. Modernization solutions can detect and remove challenges and bring agencies into a balance between production and logistical operations.

Here are five strategies to increase productivity through IT modernization:

Embrace Change

Because “We’ve always done it that way” is no longer a valid argument. Support from the leaders who champion change is essential to IT modernization success. Coupling technologies and best practices, agencies can harness new capabilities and expand current abilities to enable their mission and deliver services to the public faster. In the same way, agencies can embrace best practices from both the federal government and the private sector to ensure the best leverage to solutions that serve the agency mission, drive improved citizen services, and increase cybersecurity.

Resource Share

The widespread use and deployment of the federal government’s shared services provide cost savings and a more consistent level of security across the federal enterprise. Ideally, shared services create efficiencies in government and optimize the workforce by shifting resources and workforce to avoid duplication across agencies. Staff training and other educational resources are essential to fostering maturity in the areas of privacy, security, and procurement. 

Refine Communication

As the discrete capacities and deployment models become available, cloud computing provides secure and private controls to data. While the integrity of data stays intact, confidence in the process and technology can posture an agency to reap the benefits of scalability and reputation. Offering a path forward to migrate to a safe and secure cloud infrastructure, the 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy drives cloud adoption in federal agencies. This new strategy will support agencies to achieve additional savings, security, and will deliver faster services.

Improve Delivery

Secure delivery of services to internal and external customers is critical to any mission. Use the help of automated and assistive technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve security and delivery time. The pressure and productivity associated with major and minor bottlenecks are easily alleviated by the implementation of modern solutions targeted at critical areas. 

Measure Success

Technology evolves quickly and that’s why agencies should review their IT portfolio on a regular basis to determine needs for modernization. This examination of existing tools can prompt a comparison of service offerings to improve upon project management, reporting, and key components of the federal workforce.

To keep up with the path of innovation, the federal government has placed a significant emphasis on IT modernization. As barriers are removed and outdated policies are revised, advanced technology solutions will modernize the federal government. 

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