Performance Management Process Checklist

Performance management is a way to manage the needs and expectations of a modern workforce. As the talent landscape evolves, organizations that don’t keep pace with innovation fall behind the competition and fail to recruit top talent. A typical performance appraisal should access the employee’s development and reveal ways for the organization to improve. In addition, performance management puts a focus on what the company wants to achieve on a long term basis and provides employees manageable expectations to succeed.

The best way to launch a new performance management process is to create a checklist to identify key areas where the biggest impact can be made. A performance management process checklist is a great start for both employees and managers to monitor performance, meet expectations, and provide critical information about the status and growth of the company. 

The performance management appraisal should place focus on organizational goals and employee development.  As part of the performance management and development process, a checklist can guide managers and staff through the process and initiate productive communication during and after a performance review.  The performance management process checklist is a logical and consistent way to prepare and deliver performance audits of staff. The checklist should include the following key components:


Performance reviews should never be a surprise to an employee. Manage staff expectations about performance management during the interview and orientation process. For consistency, a calendar and reminders of upcoming reviews provide managers ample time to prepare. Collect and review feedback from previous reviews and create a timeline for you and the employee to follow during the performance evaluation. For a modern approach, cloud-based performance management solutions eliminate the paper trail and allow employees and managers to engage in a more interactive relationship.


Managers should never assume employees know what is expected of them. Use clear and concise language to avoid any miscommunication. Discuss past achievements as well as areas of improvement. Performance management is designed to provide employees with a snapshot of how their current contributions benefit the company. As part of the process, share specific goals and objectives you’ve outlined for the employee. Be realistic with expectations, don’t push employees too far out of their comfort zone without opportunities to train and expand their skill set.


Be ready if the performance management review doesn’t go as planned. Often, managers must discuss difficult topics like egregious errors or workflow. The employee may see things differently than you convey. To illustrate your points, provide details and specific examples of issues or errors and offer ways to overcome and improve. It is equally important to show positive performance and supportive contributions to the company goals and objectives.


With performance goals, you establish a foundation of engagement for employees to understand what is expected from the position they hold. As a result, measurable outcomes provide performance standards and key components of the job function and capabilities that can be easily shared with the employee during an evaluation.

Continual Training 

As part of the performance management process, identify areas that require an employee to train on new processes or functions within their job description or responsibilities. This type of training can enhance the employees work experience and provide a more productive approach to reach and exceed goals. 

Performance management is an efficient way to review and examine individuals and departments within a company.  An enterprise solution can provide a look at the big picture and how strategic objectives, data, and outcomes align with the company goals. As a best practice, consider a performance management process checklist as a valuable tool to provide consistent and productive reviews for every employee in the company.  

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