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With increasing competition for talent, severe shortages of qualified candidates and critical hiring needs, the Office of Personnel (OPM) is granting agencies direct hiring authorities to help agencies hire certain highly-needed workers without OPM approval and authority. These severe shortages or critical hiring needs may cover specific occupational series, grades (or equivalent) or geographic locations.

Furthermore, agencies may still, in a written request to OPM, identify positions for which they believe a severe shortage or critical hiring need exists that has not been identified by OPM. To demonstrate that a severe shortage of candidates exists for a position or group of positions, an agency must provide specific information requested by OPM.

These actions allow agencies to open vacancies to a more expedited hiring process and to use this new authority to fill longstanding, critical openings.

Direct hire authorities expedite the hiring process by allowing veterans’ preference, rating and ranking to be bypassed, as well as bypassing other typical selection procedures.

On average, federal agencies significantly exceed the 80-day model set by OPM to fill vacancies. This extended time curtails the government’s ability to hire top-tier talent, particularly in highly-skilled positions in IT, security, healthcare and law enforcement. Depending on the agency, this may include other skilled categories of jobs.

Further hampering federal government, agencies are often competing for talent against private industry, which can typically hire in the process and timeframes they want. In addition, candidates may feel connected to an agency’s mission, but won’t or can’t wait for 3 months or more for an offer.

Secure, Modern Solution for Agency Direct Hire Authority Needs Acendre Recruitment helps accelerate your agency’s hiring in areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT
  • STEM
  • Medical
  • Law enforcement

Acendre Recruitment’s configurable workflow engine addresses your unique direct hiring authority needs:

  • Configurable workflow engine easily adapts to your unique processes for the authorities you have been granted, while remaining compliant with applicable regulations.
  • People Analytics engine provides executive, management and HR insight for faster and improved decision making across your hiring.
  • Talent Warehouse provides an ongoing talent pipeline of personnel who may wish to apply to your positions.
  • Post-Certificate Workflow that shortens the process from selection to Entry of Duty (EoD).
  • FedRAMP Authorization ensures your IT and security teams’ requirements are met to allow you to start hiring quickly.

With Acendre Recruitment, your agency can quickly stand up a secure, FedRAMP Authorized hiring solution to help you:

  • Hire faster and reduce time-to-hire
  • Automate error-prone manual tasks
  • Eliminate cumbersome spread sheets
  • Save HR resource time – every day

If your agency is currently using USA Staffing, Acendre Recruitment can be used to compliment USA Staffing to better address direct hire authority shortcomings:

  • Accelerate your agency’s direct hiring
  • See immediate results.
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