Federal Merit Promotion

As federal agencies face increasing challenges in finding high-quality talent for hard-to-fill vacancies, federal HR leaders seek alternatives to traditional Title 5 hiring to meet their needs. Merit Promotion is one important tool these leaders have at their disposal to bring great talent to their agencies.

Merit Promotion is the method used for internal placement of current and former federal employees with competitive status, those eligible for noncompetitive consideration, and certain eligible veterans. Merit Promotion allows agencies to let current or former federal employees apply for a job without having to compete with general public or people with Veterans’ Preference. Instead, employees compete with other competitive service employees.

There are several challenges that Merit Promotion presents to federal agencies because it falls outside of standard hiring
procedures. These challenges include:

  • manual procedures are typically required to process Merit Promotions
  • most agencies have unique Merit Promotion procedures
  • specific candidate qualifications must be reviewed
    and processed
  • the use of disparate tools like SharePoint and Excel to overcome limitations of manual processes
  • processing of time-consuming Merit Promotions with limited HR resources.

For agencies that either use manual processes or attempt to use disparate tools to expedite the Merit Promotion process, the result is typically a difficult procedure that interferes with hiring and increases time to hire.

Federal Agency Merit Promotion Example

  • Take Merit Promotion exam
  • Determine time in grade eligibility
  • Grade and rank all applicants
  • Collect supervisor recommendations
  • Present candidates to Career Board for review
  • Select candidate for Merit Promotion
  • Extend job offer
  • Update Change of Station
  • Update HR with new hire details

With Acendre Recruitment, your agency can eliminate the expensive, time-consuming manual processes associated with Merit Promotion,resulting in faster hiring of talented employees. Its modern, configurable workflow engine easily adapts to your agency’s unique Merit Promotion process – out of the box.

In addition, Acendre People Analytics provides powerful insight into your Merit Promotion hiring, helping you identify any bottlenecks in your processes, so you can quickly adjust and improve your hiring. And the entire solution is FedRAMP Authorized, ensuring you’re meeting the federal government’s high security requirements and standards.

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