Federal Performance Datasheet

Data-driven Performance Management and Engagement to Improve Employee Performance

With quality talent increasingly recognized as imperative to a federal agency’s success, the ability to measure the performance of the workforce is critical. Acendre Performance helps you securely measure performance so you can identify your best talent, which helps pave the way for future performance achievements throughout your agency.

Acendre Performance’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface was designed specifically for the federal government to ensure rapid adoption. Access to realtime performance data provides immediate value to executives, managers and employees.

Built-in configurability and flexibility ensures Acendre Performance adapts to your processes and business rules – not the other way around, as with traditional systems What works for you now will continue to work, only faster and more efficiently.

The cloud-based system helps your agency securely achieve its mission by increasing the ability to retain, reward and develop its best people.

Enhanced Usability for Managers

Facing unprecedented competition for top talent, highly usable and engaging performance management systems can be the difference between retaining and growing your top talent and losing it. Acendre Performance simplifies managers’ ability to clearly align employee and department goals with organizational goals and strategy. With performance review information at their fingertips, managers can quickly access assessments, reviews and goals for their employees.

Insightful Performance Metrics and Analytics

Detailed reporting dashboards provide talent performance insight, enabling timely and accurate decision making. Goal setting and scoring helps manager create and monitor development plans, helping you obtain an objective, accurate assessment of talent. Key performance metrics are presented on a graphical dashboard that can be easily exported for use in external resources.

Employee performance reports can be provided to managers and employees on-demand or automatically generated. With this information at managers’ disposal, talent profiles can be developed and skills assessments made, allowing you to determine which employees have the skill sets needed to succeed other people and be ready to fill other roles.

Automated Workflows to Improve Performance Management Processes

With unmatched configurability, flexibility is at the heart of Acendre Performance, allowing it to match your existing performance processes, so managers don’t need to change how they manage their teams’ performance.

Acendre Performance allows you to select performance processes that meet your organizational needs. Its flexible workflows engine lets you streamline your performance review process and improve the visibility at each stage of the performance review. Acendre Performance can be configured to suit your performance review cycle and your organization’s terminology.

Employee Engagement and Goal Setting

Acendre Performance simplifies goal setting and monitoring for both employees and supervisors. Through an easy-to-use interface, both employees and managers can create goals, weight them and monitor whether or not they are achieved. The system allows for simple ongoing interaction between participating parties and scoring.

Employee goals are part of the People Analytics engine, providing insight to the whole organization. Organizations power their business by engaging and developing their talent to meet current and future needs.

Robust employee engagement dashboards provide insight to executives, HR and management teams. Acendre Performance helps you improve engagement throughout the organization by identifying your most- and leastengaged employees, as well as other key engagement data.

Faster Review Cycles

Acendre Performance provides several libraries to speed the entire performance review process. Libraries include:

  • Objectives library
  • Criteria library
  • Email library

These libraries eliminate the need to “reinvent the wheel” during performance review cycles and build on gained knowledge.

This capability provides supervisors with the ability to strike a balance between what the organization has used successfully and their own input for what they desire out of a review.


Fully federalized to meet government mandated requirements


Exclusive out-of-the-box rules-based workflow engine designed for federal HR


High configurability aligns with your processes to drive usability, quality and efficiency


FedRAMP authorization In Process (FedRAMP Agency ATO October 2018). Based on AWS GovCloud


Full interoperability with other federal systems such as Core HR, Learning and Management Systems and the Electronic Official Personnel Folder for a complete HR system

Automated Performance Management

  • Holistic solution replaces pen-to-paper and fillable forms to automate performance reviews, saving time and reducing labor-intensive tasks
  • Configure processes that meet your agency’s specific needs
  • Unlimited appraisal templates
  • Align employee and department elements with agency goals and mission
  • Accepts any federal agency’s unique forms
  • Identify top performers quickly
  • Improve employee accountability

Analytics and Reporting

  • Robust People Analytics for insightful performance metrics and analysis
  • Create and monitor development plans
  • Configurable dashboards for unlimited user groups
  • View talent pools and skills gaps for succession planning

Workflow Management

  • Workflow engine adapts to your processes, not the other way around
  • Delivers appraisal steps to the right person at the right time
  • Automated alerts via rules engine
  • Completely customizable performance appraisal scoring


  • Interoperates with any HR system including Core HR, payroll, onboarding, LMS, eOPF and competency assessments
  • Easily maintain existing work processes
  • Fully integrated with Natural Talent Recruit module
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