The Role of Merit Promotion in Your Hiring Strategy

Employers use merit promotions to advance staff who have met and exceeded expectations. A merit promotion is determined by work experience, education, skill set, and proficiency. The federal government’s civil service system is a good example of a promotion system that is determined by specific criteria for various positions. The role of a merit promotion in your hiring strategy is to excite and recruit employees who have a “can-do” attitude and seek advancement.

Refine the Application Process

A job vacancy for an internal position is advertised to existing employees. In this case, several employees with similar skills will apply and employers can compare candidates. After the review process, qualified candidates are identified. An interview process can help determine the best candidate with predetermined criteria and questions that can reveal the hidden gems among the staff.

Adhere to Principles 

Employees will adopt certain principles to guide them through their career. Like civil service employment, and most job sectors, employees are expected to follow certain standards. As an example, nondiscrimination is a core principle in today’s workplace training. Promotions should never be based on race, gender, or religion but solely on work performance. The numerous steps required as part of merit promotion, including extra ranking, tests, and background checks can all be incorporated into a cloud-based system for tracking

Fair Consideration 

Advancement should never be based on favoritism, nepotism, or political gain. A transparent environment entitles every employee the opportunity to work towards a common goal of excellence openly. When workers excel and prove their ability to go above and beyond the scope of the job, promotion is on the horizon. Equal opportunity gives every employee the chance to shine. When it comes time to choose for a promotion, supervisors are expected to give fair consideration to everyone who applies. 

Attention to Detail 

The merit promotion process always has room for improvement. Even with standards in place, there are still candidates who deserve a second look but often get overlooked when it is time for a promotion. Some employers argue that the merit promotion structure is too complicated and lengthy, therefore defeating the intention to reward. That’s where a performance management tracking tool can assist. 

A merit-based program can provide the motivation that leads to increased productivity. When the best performers are recognized, others may follow suit and put forth the extra effort it takes to receive promotions. If merit promotions are part of your hiring strategy, track your process with an Acendre enterprise solution. Get a FREE demo!

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